Srirachas® yoga pants are the one and only brand you don't have to take off for sex. Yes, yoga pants made for sex! 

  • Women love yoga pants
  • Men love how women look in yoga pants
  • Women love to feel sexy
  • Both men and women love sex

With Srirachas she can be super hot and super comfortable at the same time. They're a sure way to spice things up and add a little heat to the relationship.  Whether she wears them at home or on a date, no one will know the spicy secret and the fun that will be had.  Because 'OM' isn’t the only thing to chant in yoga pants. 

It's the patent pending design and construction that keep the opening completely hidden from view.  And you thought Sriracha sauce was hot!

As Featured In...

Men are calling them "Fantastically Fun".  Listen and laugh as radio icon Brother Wease discusses Srirachas yoga pants.

Product Features:

  • The secret will only be known to those she wants to know. To everyone else, she's either on her way to a yoga class, or just returning from one. (Unique opening - patent pending)

  • The wide wasteband smooths the tummy keeping her comfortable and feeling sexy

  • Fleece lined fabric keeps keeps her cozy and soft on the inside

  • Smooth rayon makes for a hot and sleek appearance on the outside

  • Boot cut bottom for the ultimate sexy yoga pant

  • Hidden pocket inside the waistband for license, credit card, or dare we say... condom

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