Srirachas - yoga pants with a spicy secret

You know the saying, “The most fun you can have with your clothes on.” Well, now you don’t have to take your clothes off to have the most fun. Srirachas yoga pants are flattering and sexy yoga pants that have a secret opening you-know-where. So you can put them on and get it on wherever you want.

"Come on, seriously? When am I going to wear those?" you might ask. We’ll tell you when:

- You want to spice things up

- The kids are in the house

- Your legs are not shaved

- You're just not feeling that hot

- It's too cold to get naked

- Your bikini line is not for wearing bikinis

- You just want a quickie

- When you want to make date night more fun

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We're just full of secrets

We know you don't always want to carry a purse. That's why we created Srirachas yoga pants with another little secret - a hidden pocket just inside the waistband. It's just the right size for a key, a credit card, or dare we say it - a condom. Find the pocket and keep the secret.

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100% boyfriend & husband approved,
so get them on and get it on