Srirachas - the real meaning of hot yoga pants

Spice things up in your home – and out. No need to worry about the silly little things that sometimes keep us from a fun roll in the hay. Life can be very busy and keep us girls from being 100% groomed or feeling sexy. But now, with Srirachas yoga pants it doesn’t matter – in these new yoga pants you’re super hot, and super cozy at the same time.  

  • The secret will only be known to those you want to know. To everyone else, you're either on your way to a yoga class, or just returning from one. (Unique opening - patent pending)

  • Wide waistband smooths and flatters your tummy so you look and feel sexy

  • Fleece lined fabric keeps you super cozy and soft on the inside

  • Smooth rayon gives a sexy and sleek appearance on the outside

  • Boot cut bottom for the ultimate sexy yoga pant

  • Hidden pocket inside waistband for license, credit card, or dare we say condom



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100% boyfriend & husband approved,
so get them on and get it on