there ever a time when:

You want to be sexy in a secret and subtle way?

Life's daily chores keep you from being as groomed as you'd like?

It's just too darn cold to get naked?

The kids walk in and wonder why mom and dad have to wrestle naked?

You need to spice things up and get a little dirty (in a clean girl sort of way)?

If yes, then Srirachas yoga pants are your hot and spicy solution!

Yoga pants you won't necessarily be doing yoga in...

although you might be burning calories in a different and more fun way.

I'm sure you and your girlfriends have had similar conversations (or whines over wine) that I've had with mine: Why do men always want to get it on at the wrong time? Unshaved legs, unkempt bikini line, dry skin, etc. How about the middle of winter when it's freezing cold? Um, no thank you...I don't want to get naked no matter how hot and heavy it will get. And let's not forget that time of every month when we're feeling less than svelte.

It was these basic unpleasant scenarios that started Srirachas yoga pants. However, we soon realized that there were many more benefits to wearing this spicy little secret - Srirachas Fringe Benefits.

*Disclaimer: you must make it known you're wearing the pants to reap these benefits.

Sudden household help

Sudden household help
Mention you have on Srirachas and you'll be amazed at how quickly the dishes are done, kids are bathed and in bed - while you're relaxing on the couch.

Free to shop and spend

Free to shop and spend
He won't care about the cost or how many pair you buy (the more the better). The most important thing is that you have them...and you wear them!

Comfortable date night attire

Comfortable date night attire
Going kinda fancy? Pair them with boots and a long sweater - no one will know you're wearing yoga pants. Added fringe benefit: eat more and still be comfortable.

Bye-bye traditional lingerie

Bye-bye traditional lingerie
If you're feeling great and want to sport it - go for it. But you probably won't be getting as many requests for it as you will be for Srirachas - it's way more spontaneous and fun...just saying.

#1 Srirachas Fringe Benefit - Sex Goddess Status

Lets face it, men are pretty simple creatures when it comes to sex. The idea of them coming home to you in lingerie is now a reality. But wait, it gets even better as he asks....

"You mean we can actually leave the house, and like, go outside, and like, do it in public?"

ee the sex goddess you have become?

So my sexy girlfriend, let Srirachas improve your sex life, hide the hairs and trick the kids. Go get them on and get it on!

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Srirachas yoga pants are functional and sexy - and make a great gift

Functional Lingerie

Men like lingerie – it signals that you want to have fun. But as our lives get busier and family grows, it can be a bit difficult to sport. Good news – men LOVE women in yoga pants. With Srirachas yoga pants you can still give him those signals, in front of anyone and anywhere.

A Perfect Gift for Busy Moms

Pampering – Ha! Moms put kids and family first - just keeping up with shaving can be a daunting task which obviously can keep her from feeling sexy. Srirachas yoga pants not only solve this problem, but provide her with additional fringe benefits.

A Unique Bridal Gift

Toaster, blender, his and her towels… BORING!! If you know someone getting married soon give them a unique gift they'll both love and use. What couple wouldn’t love ‘lingerie’ that lets them get it on anywhere they want?

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