Can I really wear them in public without people noticing something is different?

Yes, no one will be able to tell there is a secret opening. To everyone, except those who you want to know, you’re wearing a normal pair of yoga pants.

How do they stay closed?

It’s a unique combination of the fabric, construction and design (patent pending) which keep this secret totally hidden.

Can I go to a yoga class wearing them?

Although the true intention of these pants isn't really to go to a yoga class, we decided to test them out with some basic yoga poses.  Srirachas stayed closed doing downward-facing dog, big toe pose, and was even a success with a wide-legged forward bend.  (More evidence to support that you CAN wear these out in public and no one will know).  So I guess the answer would be yes, you can go to a yoga class in these pants.  However, we might opt for a pair without an opening in the crotch - unless it was a private class with someone special you wanted to do yoga moves with.  :-)

How do I know what size to buy?

We recommend ordering based on your normal pants size. Sririachas are sized to womens’ (not junior) specs. View our size chart for more detailed information.

What is the inseam?

The pants have the industry standard inseam of 32 inches.

Do you have petite sizes?

We don’t offer petite sizes right now. However, the pants can easily be altered without losing the sexy boot cut flare at the bottom.

How do I care for my pants?

For best results machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Hang to dry.